Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Mr. Squirrel is resting. He found a comfortable limb to stretch out on and stayed there for a long time. I've never seen a squirrel so relaxed. I can only guess that he'd had one of those days.

Photographed at National Butterfly Center, Mission, Texas, May 2015


  1. I love this photo. The squirrels in my neighborhood rarely if ever stop when they are in plain sight.

    1. This was at a feeding station at the National Butterfly Center, so maybe he didn't feel the need to be on guard.

  2. I love all of your photos. Can I ask what camera/lens you use, especially to capture photos of the hummers?

    1. Thank you, Sue.

      I shoot a Canon EOS 60D. The lens I used for the hummingbird photos was a Canon Zoom EF 28-135mm. I also cropped the photos down a lot.


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