Friday, October 9, 2015

One Evening on the Colorado River

John Fishes from Pelican Point Boat Slips
John was fishing for flounder. One small one was caught, but the big ones were elusive.

Fishing from the DockThe air was cool and dry--the first time it really felt like fall. The smell of woodsmoke drifted over from the fire pit across the way.

Fishing Under the Lights
The fishing lights on the dock were turned on to attract bait fish which in turn attracts larger fish. John began catching small sand trout.

Rigging the Line
Occasionally he switched up his lure to find the one the fish liked best.

Night Time Fisherman
John continued to fish until he was sure he wasn't quitting too soon, and...

Bugs in the Light
the mosquitos began to bite more often than the fish.

(Photographed last Friday evening at Pelican Point Boat Slips in Matagorda, Texas)


  1. Looks so peaceful and I love seeing it through your eyes.

    1. It is peaceful, especially at night. We really look forward to our Fridays at Pelican Point.

  2. I love the calm water in these photos. I'd be right there on the dock UNTIL the mosquitos came out for dinner.

    1. The mosquitos were really bad. I went in before John did.

  3. Your photos are amazing and I'm glad John stuck it out just so we could see the beauty of mosquitos in light. Hope he has better luck today!

    1. Thanks, Margene! Fishing is usually pretty good in the fall. Things should start picking up soon.


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