Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tunnel Vision

Long Grass Along the Path to the Matagorda Beach Near Jetty Pier-Matagorda, Texas

Last week as I walked along the path to the beach, something in the tall grass caught me eye. I wouldn't have seen it, if not for the heavy dew.

Spider Web in Heavy Dew

It was a spider web, finely woven and shimmering in the sunlight. The beauty of it drew me closer and I snapped a few pictures, developing tunnel vision for this one web. So, when I looked up, I was very surprised to see...

A Multitude of Spider Webs in the Beach Grass-Matagorda Beach-Matatagorda, Texas

that I was surrounded by spider webs. They were everywhere in the grass and woven so closely to each other that they were almost touching. I was baffled by how I missed seeing this right away. 

It was really very pretty...at least to me...but then, I'm not afraid of spiders. Are you? 


  1. I wouldn't call them friends and I would probably tear them all down. I know I am not very nice.

    1. That made me laugh! I have strong feelings about mice, snakes, and alligators...but spiders don't bother me.

  2. Beautiful photos!

    I'll just say that it depends on the size of the spider: I detest big spiders and immediately go into commando mode. I tend to tolerate little spiders.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!

      I should probably clarify...I don't mind spiders when they are outdoors...they are not welcome in the house. (The exterminator is here spraying as I type.)

  3. You must know how much I appreciate a great spider web and these are beautiful specimens! Spiders are amazing little creatures :)

    1. I immediately thought of you on the day I saw these webs. A very similar experience to one you had.


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