Monday, November 2, 2015

Friday Night Special at Spoonbills

There's a small little blue house in Matagorda, Texas on Cypress Street that holds many good memories for John and me. It's Spoonbills Restaurant—our Friday night eating-out place.

Outside Spoonbills Restaurant on a Friday Evening-Matagorda, Texas

We've been coming here since it first opened in 2006 and have eaten countless delicious meals prepared by Chef Edie. She knows how to bring out the best flavor in everything she touches. There are salt and pepper shakers on the tables, but I promise you will not need them.

This past Friday Spoonbills featured a special dinner event to celebrate Edie's last round of chemotherapy. There was a set menu with two seatings, reservations required. We arrived with the other guests at 5:30. Edie and the staff greeted us at the door. You are not only treated like family at Spoonbills, you become family.

The View from Table 5-Spoonbills Restaurant-Matagorda, Texas

Table 5 is where we always sit. As usual, our drinks were already waiting for us in the pretty blue glasses with the green pedestals that I love so much. Table 5 is right by all the action. Sitting here, we see everything that comes out of the kitchen.

We knew the menu for this special dinner consisted of an appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert, but none of us knew exactly what the dishes were until they were brought out. As soon as everyone was settled at their tables, the first course was served.

Fennel and Crab Vichyssoise-Spoonbills Restaurant-Matagorda, Texas

A beautiful bowl of fennel and crab vichyssoise made with potatoes and leeks was placed before me. John was brought a velvety smooth pumpkin soup garnished for Halloween with a creme fraiche spider web design. I don't like fennel, so I almost traded with him, but surprise, surprise, when I tasted my soup, I liked the flavor so much I ate the whole bowl and would order it again.

Beet Salad-Spoonbills Restaurant-Matagorda, Texas

We were in familiar territory with the salad course, having eaten both of them several times in the past as off-menu-specials. I had the beet salad—a mix of roasted beets, fresh corn, goat cheese, and green onion, topped with arugula and served with a drizzle of spicy citrus dressing. John had the avocado, jicama, arugula salad with a bright citrus vinaigrette. 

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs-Spoonbills Restaurant-Matagorda, Texas

Before the entree arrived, we overhead the choices and I knew I would be getting my all-time favorite—red wine braised short ribs. I cannot truly explain how happy this dish makes me. Each bite is a delight and is totally worth every calorie and fat gram. The potatoes were exceptionally flavorful and I wondered how Edie was able to elevate a potato to that level. She told us later that they were brined in salt and sugar and then poached in olive oil and wonder they tasted so good!

John's entree of seared scallops with a perfectly sauced orzo-asparagus mix was equally delicious and beautifully presented, but as you have noticed by now, I only took pictures of my food...until it came to dessert. 

Splitting Dessert-Alabama Stacked Chocolate Cake and Housemade Cheesecake-Spoonbills Restaurant-Matagorda, Texas

We split the desserts in half and shared. I had already taken a bite of the Alabama stacked chocolate cake when I remembered to snap a shot. This cake was really good, but John and I both agreed that the housemade cheesecake was the best. It was a rich, creamy, no ricotta version, with a graham cracker and nut crust, and a topping of sour cream. My mouth is watering now just remembering how good it was. I'm hoping this becomes a regular item on the menu.

Chef Edie is closing Spoonbills for the rest of the year to continue with her next phase of treatment. We are so happy she is improving and can't wait for our next meal at table 5! 


  1. Edie and Spoonbills sound delightful. From the photos you posted, I can see why Spoonbills is one of your favorite restaurants: the food looks delicious.

    I wish Edie well on her journey to remission.

    1. Fresh ingredients and Edie's special touch means there is never a bad meal at Spoonbills. Everyone is made to feel welcome, too, from newcomers to regulars.

      I just realized I forgot to link to the restaurant website--off to fix that now.


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