Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Off The Beaten Path

We just returned from the Texas Hill Country where we stayed in a little stone house on the San Gabriel River

Front Porch of San Gabriel River Inn-Joppa, Texas

It's off the beaten path in Joppa, Texas, and as we discovered, off the grid as far as cell phone service and wifi hotspot connection is concerned. That's why there was no post yesterday. 

Texas Birdhouse at San Gabriel River Inn-Joppa Church in Background-Joppa, Texas

The photo above of a Texas birdhouse (the entrance of the birdhouse is in the shape of Texas) at San Gabriel River Inn, gives you an idea of our picturesque setting. In the distance is the Joppa Church (also pictured below) and the old school that is now used as the community center.

Joppa Church, Joppa, Texas

It was a beautiful place to call home for a few days as we explored a part of the Hill Country we had never been to before.


  1. The stone house looks amazing and a nice place to hangout while your sightseeing around the area!

    1. It was the perfect home base in a beautiful setting. We will definitely stay here again!

  2. A lovely setting. I look forward to more photos of the area.

    1. The Hill Country is a place of rugged beauty. I've always loved this part of Texas!


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