Friday, November 20, 2015

Inks Lake State Park

The Texas Hill Country is so pretty, it's no wonder there is a large concentration of state parks in this area.

We drove through Inks Lake State Park and briefly stopped at one of the fishing piers. It was the end of a gray, cloudy day, and what little light was left, was fading quickly, but the lake was so beautiful to my eye, that I had to snap a picture.

Inks Lake Fall Color from the North Fishing Pier-Inks Lake State Park-Burnet, Texas

The trees along the shore were showing a bit of fall color and were reflected ever so softly on the smooth-as-glass surface. It was beautiful in person, even if the photo doesn't capture it well.

I happened to catch John on a point of land looking into the water. The surrounding trees created a natural frame to the scene and the green grass added a little life to the flat, dull light. 

If you know John like I do, then you know he was looking for fish and thinking about getting the fishing rods from the truck and trying his luck. But, it was late and time to go.

Maybe we'll have a chance to fish this our home waters.


  1. I had to laugh when I read your description of the last photo because that was exactly what I thought John was doing when I first glanced at the image. I hope you can return someday and wet your fishing lines.

    1. Hahaha, you do know him well! He was talking about going back, so I'm sure we will one day.


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