Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Colorado Bend State Park

The hiking trails through the canyon lands of Colorado Bend State Park are rugged and beautiful. 

Scenic Overlook at Colorado Bend State Park-Bend, Texas
Scenic Overlook at Colorado Bend State Park

We had big plans to hike a few of them, especially the one to Gorman Falls, but it turned out to be a cool, rainy day, and I had a sore throat, so we saw what we could from the vehicle.

Colorado River-Colorado Bend State Park-Bend, Texas
Our lunchtime view of the Colorado River. 

Parked within view of the Colorado River, we ate our lunch (Schlotzsky's sandwiches that we brought with us) while the rain fell.

Colorado River-Colorado Bend State Park-Bend, Texas
John stands on the banks of the Colorado River in Bend, Texas.

Yes, this is our river—the same river that runs by our trailer in Matagorda—only, the scenery is so very different! 

The Colorado River ends in Matagorda where it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Here in Bend, we were on the northern end near the headwaters. 

Colorado River-Colorado Bend State Park-Bend, Texas
Fishermen at Colorado Bend State Park

Even though we didn't get to do the things we planned, what we saw has us looking forward to our next visit. We bought a Texas State Parks Pass, so our admission is already paid for.


  1. That is a pretty area, and I think the dreary day's light brought out the texture of the rocks. Based on your photos, I can see why you and John plan to return.

    1. I do wish the light would have been better for photos, but I did the best I could. Next time, I'm hoping for better weather.

  2. Those rocks/cliffs are beautiful! I imagine they would glow with the sun on them. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I think I've turned the corner with this cold—feeling better each day now.


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