Monday, November 9, 2015

Louisiana Yams for Sale

Driving through Liberty, Texas, we came upon a vendor selling fruits and vegetables out of his pickup.

Roadside Fruit Stand-Liberty, Texas

We pulled over immediately when we saw his sign for Louisiana yams...

Grammar Mistake Sign-Louisiana Yam's

or yam's, if you prefer. 

I honestly did not notice the grammatical error until I was taking the photo. 

Louisiana Yams at a Roadside Stand-Liberty, Texas

Louisiana yams (no matter how you spell it) are the best tasting sweet potatoes I've ever had, so I was very happy to come across these! We bought the largest container—enough for Thanksgiving candied sweet potatoes and more.

I left without mentioning the mistake on the sign. What would you have done?


  1. I would not have mentioned it and been happy with my yams...same as you.

    1. I was afraid if I said something, it would come across as unkind.

  2. I agree, those yams are the best! No, I would not have mentioned the sign, but I might have taken a photo.

    1. I did ask permission to take pictures, though at the time I had no idea there was a mistake on the sign.


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