Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It Was His Idea

It all began back in November with a seemingly innocent comment from my husband, John. It was during breakfast one Sunday morning that he said, "There's only one thing that could make this French toast even better and that's fresh eggs."

Now, this particular French toast had been lovingly prepared by John himself, using thick slices of my home-baked English muffin bread, and pure Irish butter made from grass-fed cows' milk. I agreed with him, because he was right—I never suspected a thing.

By the next week though, I began picking up tell-tale signs that John was in what I call his obsessive research mode. It seemed he was on the computer from the time he got home from work until the time he went to bed.

In our 31 years of marriage I've seen this behavior enough to know something was up, but I didn't know what. He kept it to himself for several days and then...there was more talk of fresh eggs...and I knew!

I knew we would be getting our very own chickens.

Please join John and me on my new blog—Poultry Palace and Gardens—and follow our adventures in backyard chicken keeping and gardening. This should be fun!

Dear Readers,
I know this announcement is coming out of the blue and that's because I originally thought I would blog about our chickens right here on Birdie Snaps, but after giving it careful thought, I believe it is better to give them their own space. Sometimes when a blog is about everything, it ends up being about nothing. I don't want that to happen. Narrowing the focus of my writing and photography will, I think, make for a better blog. We shall see. Blogging at Birdie Snaps has helped to remember to smile even when life gets tough. I intend to carry that with me to Poultry Palace and Gardens and to encourage all who visit me there.
Love to all,


  1. Congratulations!

    I remember fondly the days when the chicks my mother ordered from a catalog arrived at the Post Office. The postmaster must have looked forward to having all the chicks picked up - the chicks were very vocal.

  2. Congrats and wishing u all good !happy new year

  3. Gosh, that will be fun ... and challenging! But it sounds like both of you are up to the challenge. ;-) I can relate to the obsessive tendencies. I get latched on to a topic or a project and it's hard to pull me away. I view it as being continuously open to new experiences and being a lifelong learner!

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