Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Let's Go Fishing

We'll fish from the beach in Matagorda. The surf is calm which usually brings the trout close to shore to feed. I've heard reports that people are catching their limit of five trout in an hour. This should be good.

John fishing at Matagorda Beach
No bites that first hour, but finally some action. Whatever is on the line is big and putting up a good fight. All we need is one good sized trout for a meal.

John catches a shark
What is that? Is it what I think it is?

Shark on the Line
Yep, it's a shark, hooked in the side. Hey, be still shark. I want to take your picture.

John catches a shark
Remove the hook carefully and let's put him back.

John and the shark
And take one last picture.


  1. A great series of photos. How common is it to catch a shark?

    1. Pretty common, I think. This is not the first time we've caught one.

  2. So glad you're back to posting, Tracy! I've missed your posts!

    Jan (in Michigan)

    1. Thanks for following me over to this new site. A long break was just what I needed. Feeling renewed now and ready to snap some photos.


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