Friday, October 2, 2015

Miles of Smiles at the Oklahoma State Fair

Centennial Plaza-Oklahoma State Fair-2015
Strolling through Centennial Plaza, our first stop was an indoor exhibit called City of AGtropolis where we saw...

The Butterfly House-Oklahoma State Fair-2015
a large mesh tent filled with butterflies. Geep bought our tickets and in we went.

Covered in Butterflies
There were hundreds of Blue Morpho butterflies inside! They would often land on you, especially if you were wearing bright colors.

Matt, Carly, and Myles Feed a Butterfly
I wondered if this was the first butterfly Myles had ever seen. It is certainly the largest.

We each took a turn feeding a butterfly...

John Feeds a Butterfly
Geep demonstrates the upside down method.

Tracy Feeds a Butterfly
I opt for the right-side up approach. (photo taken by John)

The Butterfly House turned out to be the highlight of the day for me, but we also saw...

Baby Chicks
chicks hatching,

Goat at the Fair
goats grazing,

Butterfly Nursery
butterflies emerging from chrysalises, much more...that I stopped taking pictures after a while.

However, I do wish I would have remembered to photograph our fair food...


We ate two Indian tacos on fry bread, one turkey leg, several fried ribs, some curly fries, a boat of fried okra, and one ear of roasted start with.

Later there was funnel cake, liquid nitrogen churned ice cream, and a jug of homemade root beer...and then we were full.


When the midway opened we went to find the Merry Go-Round for Myles to ride. We took the long way, so I'm sure we must have burned off all of those calories.

Carly and Myles at the Merry Go-Round
It turned out that Myles wasn't tall enough to ride the Merry Go-Round, not even to ride sitting on Mama's lap on the bench. We were slightly disappointed, but we didn't let it spoil our fun.

Miles of Smiles, the theme of the Oklahoma State Fair, described our day perfectly!


  1. State Fairs are full of exciting things to do, and Oklahoma's appears to be exceptional. I've never seen a fair with a butterfly house. Fair food is anything but "fair," and your selections sound pretty tasty. Too bad that Myles was turned away at the Merry Go Round, but next year his eyes will be filled with excitement.

    1. We haven't been to a fair since our children were small, so this was a rediscovery of sorts. We are already making plans for next year--possibly the Texas State Fair (which we have never been to).


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