Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Lucky Day

Me and My Flounder (photo taken by John)
I felt lucky to catch this nice flounder on Saturday. It was actually the third time that day that I'd had this feeling, but this was the only keeper fish I caught. 

Let me explain...

The Redfish Hole
We were fishing at the Redfish Hole.

There are all kind of logs under the water here and it's easy to get hung up on them, especially when fishing on the bottom like we were doing. I've gotten pretty good at getting loose when that happens, but this time I was stuck tight and it wasn't budging. 

Just as I was handing my rod (the pretty blue one, my favorite) to John to see what he could do, something pulled it from my hand and it went sliding across the boat. Lucky for me, John grabbed it before it went overboard (Lucky feeling #1).

Was it a fish after all?

Well, not exactly...

Alligator in Our Fishing Spot
I was an alligator! I didn't see it when I cast, because it was under the water. It surfaced when John was trying to get my line unstuck (Okay, right at this point I wasn't feeling very lucky, just weak in the knees). 

Can you see the gator in the water?

Here's a closer look...

Yes, he's big. Maybe 6 to 8 feet long. I'm very sure he never knew he was hooked, and he didn't seem aggressive, but that didn't matter to me. I was ready to leave.

I persuaded John to cut the line and move the boat to a new fishing spot. Whew! (Lucky feeling #2).

And then I caught that flounder (Lucky feeling #3).

I do believe it was my lucky day.


  1. Wow, I'd say you were extremely lucky the one that got away, actually got away and was not aggressive.

    1. I don't trust alligators...at all. Same with snakes.

  2. That would sure enough scare me! Nice fish though:)

    1. Thanks. You might have noticed that I caught her on my favorite blue rod and reel. So glad I still have that!


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