Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rosie Loves Tomatoes

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Rosie who liked to eat tomatoes.

She liked to pick them right off the vine and pop them into her mouth. They were sweet and warm from the sun and oh, so very tasty! 

But, summer ended and the garden was no more. It was a sad day for Rosie, until her Geep showed her some tiny tomatoes in a carton.

John and Rose

He lifted her in his arms, took the carton from the windowsill, and let her pick any tomato she wanted.


She popped that tomato into her mouth, just like she used to do when she picked tomatoes from the vine.

John and Rose

It tasted so good that she kept on picking tomatoes, one after another, and popping them into her mouth, until her mouth was so full of tomatoes, she couldn't even close her lips. 

Rosie was a happy little girl again.

Because, who else in this world could make store-bought tomatoes taste just like homegrown ones? Only her Geep.

Rosie loves tomatoes...but most of all...Rosie loves her Geep! 

True story.


  1. i love this post and photos.

    Your grandchildren are going to be delighted to read these posts when they are older.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I want them to always know just how much they are loved by their Birdie and Geep.

  2. What a precious story about sweet and adorable Rosie! Her name fits her to a "tee" :)

    1. Yes, she is sweet and adorable and a mess, to boot. She always makes me smile.


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