Friday, December 4, 2015

Flowers in 3-5 Weeks

My daughter, Robyn, gave me a paperwhite bulb kit as a gift. She said it's because she's not always here to give me flowers. She knows me well!

This is what was in the Trader Joe's kit:

Trader Joe's Paperwhite Bulb Kit

One narcissus bulb, one compressed pellet of potting mix, a pretty ceramic pot, and planting instructions.

I was doubtful that one pellet would expand enough to plant the bulb in, but it did. When fluffed up, the potting mix filled the pot about a third of the way. 

Paperwhite Bulb Sprouting

I pressed the bulb into the potting mix, leaving the top portion exposed. As you can see this bulb had already begun to sprout before it was planted. Now all there is to do is place the pot in a sunny, warm location (I'm thinking the kitchen windowsill), keep the soil moist, and wait—flowers in 3-5 weeks.

I'll keep you posted.


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