Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happiness Is...

sunshine on a Saturday morning...

Wispy Clouds in the Sky at Jetty Park-Matagorda, Texas

at Jetty Park in Matagorda...

Covered Picnic Table  at Jetty Park-Jetty Pier and Gulf of Mexico in Background-Matagorda, Texas

taking photos of random things...

Picnic Tables at Jetty Park-Matagorda, Texas

with no real plan in mind...

Fence Post and Flowers-Jetty Park-Matagorda, Texas

just snapping away...

Plants Gone to Seed-Blowing in the Breeze-Jetty Park-Matgorda, Texas

observing nature...

Beach Evening Primrose-Jetty Park-Matagorda, Texas

and soaking in the sunshine.


  1. A perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. The picnic area is visually interesting: I love the circles.

    1. Sometimes it's nice not to have a plan or a schedule to keep. We needed a day like that.

  2. Uff that's lovely
    Pics are so good


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