Monday, December 7, 2015


'Tis the season for sweets! I'm giving myself permission to splurge a little during the holidays.

A Selection of Fudge from Oliver Pecan Company-San Saba, Texas

That's probably why I gave in when John wanted to purchase homemade fudge at Oliver Pecan Company when we were on our Texas Hill Country vacation. "We'll share it with the kids at Thanksgiving," he said. 

I resisted a little...and then I sampled some...and then I agreed to buy a pound of fudge—a whole pound. It's that good!

Our selections included (top to bottom):

Oliver Pecan Company Fudge-Pumpkin, Maple Pecan, Churro, Chocolate Pecan

Pumpkin (for Thanksgiving, of course), Maple Pecan (my favorite, because it's sweet, but not too sweet), Churro (a new flavor, unique and delicious), and Chocolate Pecan (because it's classic and oh, so creamy).

This is really some of the best fudge I've ever had. It's soft and creamy and delicious. Between the kids, John, and me, we managed to eat all of it in a week's time. 'Tis the season...


  1. 'Tis the season. . .but fudge would be too dangerous to have in my house. Your selections look delicious.

    1. It was a little less dangerous having so many people to share it with.

  2. all looks so delicious! I think you are right...and I'm going to take your advice....splurge a little :)

    1. Splurging (a little) makes the holidays more fun!

  3. It is very hard to resist fudge, especially when you have the "excuse" that the family is coming :-)


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