Thursday, December 3, 2015

Remembering Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was busy, crazy, and wonderful at our house. We ate too much, stayed up too late (for me, anyway), and squeezed in as much visiting as possible. 

There were plenty of hugs and kisses given to the grandchildren, but the one thing I didn't do enough of was take pictures. Myles and I attempted a photo session on his last day here.

Grandson Myles Playing Ball

We played ball in the hallway. I would roll it to him and he would roll it back. As you can see from his smile, we had a lot of fun. I guarantee you, my smile was just as big.

Grandson Myles Thinking About Climbing the Stairs

Stairs hold a great fascination for children. I promised Myles I'd teach him how to go up and down them the next time he comes for a visit. 

After all, it's best to focus on one big accomplishment at a time, and the big accomplishment this visit was learning to walk!

Grandson Myles Toddling Around the House

Myles took his first steps several weeks ago, but only just figured out while he was here that walking is a better way to get around than crawling. He's toddling all over the place now, always with his hands outstretched for balance. It's so cute! 

I smile every time I remember our time together at Thanksgiving.


  1. Delightful photos, especially the one of Myles walking where you captured his intense concentration to stay upright.

    1. Each step is wobbly at this point, so he definitely has to focus on his task. When he gets where he's going, there is a look of pride on his face.

  2. Precious moments with precious grandchildren ... what great memories.

    1. Our house and hearts are filled with with happy memories.


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