Friday, September 11, 2015

When It Rains All Day

When you're at the travel trailer...and it rains all day...and there is no work that needs to be done indoors...and you can't go out with your camera...what do you do?

May I suggest you...

1. Go through your photo library and find a pretty picture to post. Preferably one of a flower with raindrops.

Yellow Bells Esperanza

2. Spend all day on the Internet and don't feel guilty about it (okay, I feel a little guilty).

3. Count the hummingbirds at the feeders (50 at 8 feeders).

Rainy Day Hummingbird

4. Snap a photo through the window of hummer taking a long drink between heavy downpours and marvel that she seems unfazed by the rain.

5. Have a jigsaw puzzle handy, because you really like jigsaw puzzles and today would have been a great day for one.

6. Knit some more on that baby blanket you brought with you, but apparently forgot about until composing this list.


7. Remember to thank God for the sunshine and the rain. 


  1. Your list is perfect for a rainy day, and I do many of the same things on snowy days. The hummingbirds obviously love your feeders as the last photo clearly illustrates. Enjoy your day.

    1. Today is another rainout, just like yesterday (when I wrote this post). I'm glad I remembered the baby blanket. I think I'll knit on it today.

      We happen to be in a great location for migrating hummingbirds and I've learned that providing an abundant and dependable source of food attracts them in large numbers.

      Enjoy your day, too!


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