Monday, September 7, 2015

Windmill Behind the Dune

Windmill Behind the Dunes A beautiful scene from our Saturday morning walk on Matagorda Beach. 

I love the sky in this picture, especially the clouds.

What the flat Texas coastal plains lack in interesting features is made up for by the tall, puffy clouds that form near the Gulf. I believe this type of formation is called cumulonimbus

Over the years I've come to think of these clouds as our mountains, because that's often what they resemble when they are low on the horizon.

These big beauties are fun to watch build and grow. Are you a cloud/sky watcher?


  1. Yes, I keep an eye out for unusual clouds and love to watch them change and morph into bigger formations.

    The clouds in your photo are beautiful.

    1. There was a dark, dramatic sky with clouds full of rain behind the dunes when we first arrived. Unfortunately I missed getting the shot because the camera lens fogged up heavily as soon as the hot, humid air hit it and I didn't think of using the camera on my phone until it was too late. This photo was taken with my phone. It took almost an hour for my other camera to clear.


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