Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Observations of a Beach Path

Beach Path
Wild sunflowers flank the entrance of the path to the beach, a welcome mat of sorts. 

A trail of footprints in the deep sand leads the way through the dunes to the shore of the Gulf of Mexico and is evidence of those who have passed this way. 

It appears to have been well used since the last time the wind wiped the slate clean. 

And though it was deserted when I was there, I can imagine families heading out for the day, loaded down with beach umbrellas, coolers, and chairs, while children run ahead excitedly in anticipation of the fun they will have. 

I did not add my mark to the path this day, deciding instead to walk out on the nearby pier.

More tomorrow...

Photographed at Jetty Park, Matagorda, Texas


  1. Stunning! I have never seen wildflowers growing near the shore like

    1. These sunflowers will grow just about anywhere. A little soil and plenty of sun is all they seem to need.

  2. Your words pulled me into the picture even more. Well done.


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