Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Best Party Gift

Yes, you guessed it. Yesterday's hint, mylestone birthday, wasn't all that subtle. 

Grandson Myles
Grandson Myles turns one year old tomorrow. We celebrated this special event on Saturday with a birthday party. Lots of family members from both sides were there, including...

Granddaughter Rose
Granddaughter Rose.

So even though Myles was the one unwrapping all the presents, John and I felt like we received the best gift of the party...hugs and kisses from both grandchildren on the same day.

Our heart is full!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, beautiful inside and out. We are blessed!

  2. Wow, they are growing so quickly! I love their eyes - so expressive and inquisitive.

    1. Rose is talking up a storm. So fun to hear her sweet voice and really know what's on her mind.

      Myles is a sweetheart and such a big boy. He's 9 months younger than Rose, but bigger in size.


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